Whistler's Lane

$ 5.00

Author: Anthea Fraser
Publisher: Golden Apple Book 19750
Year: 1984 Print: 1 Cover Price: $2.50
Condition: Very Good. Light wear. Cover crease
Genre: Fiction/Romance
Pages: 201


1974. Whistler's Lane is haunted.

When a gypsy tells Sophie Woodburn her future, she doesn’t believe a word of it.

The woman predicts dark strangers and violent death in her path.

She warns Sophie “The time wheel spins — your past is tomorrow, your future yesterday...beware of yesterday”.

Sophie and her boyfriend, Jake Petersen, laugh off the incident.

But magical things are stirring, and dark forces are threatening to emerge from the shadows of the past...

When Sophie's aunt, Beryl Latimer, falls near her house, breaking her ankle, on the mysterious road of Whistler's Lane, Sophie goes to aid her recovery.

But something is drawing her to this mystical place, something more than her aunt, a connection to the past Sophie doesn't yet understand...

When staying in the village of Pendlemere, Sophie learns of the bloody history of Whistler's Lane, how Richard Whitaker and Lizzie Earnshaw, mercurial lovers, met their untimely deaths there and started a chain of violent murders.

Some say that Richard can be seen, ghost form, riding down Whistler's Lane, in dark winter nights...

Fainting dizzy spells and violent dreams torture Sophie as she tries to piece together the puzzle of the past, learning about the scandal of the murdered wife of Ben Starling, the handsome but dark and brooding farmer who lives nearby.

Though he was acquitted of his wife Dinah's murder, the rest of the village believe he is guilty and continue to give him a wide berth.

Sophie is drawn to Ben, but something tells her he cannot be trusted.

As her powers grow stronger, and the past threatens to overtake the present, will Sophie be able to cope with the murderous path of Whistler's Lane?

Praise for Anthea Fraser:

“A superbly crafted, riveting, page-turner of a read" - Booklist

“Ms Fraser is her dependable elegant, guileful self withholding the killer's identity till a dying fall" - Sunday Times

“A well-mannered, well-plotted and well-told story” - Birmingham Post

“Sympathetic, well-executed book, in which full attention is paid to human feelings and failings” - Yorkshire Post

Anthea Fraser has written all her life but did not begin to take it seriously until after marriage, when she found herself at home with two small daughters and embarked on a correspondence course with the London School of Journalism. She wrote short stories before turning to novels of the supernatural, and then to crime. Her novels include ‘The Seven Stars’, ‘The Ten Commandments’, ‘Death Speaks Softly’ and ‘Pretty Maids All in a Row’.

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