About Us

Vintage Bookseller

We sell vintage collectible paperback books and other collectible vintage items. But our real love is for the vintage paperback. These books were not meant for a long life. In the 40’s and 50’s they were made with the cheapest paper possible and glued bindings. But these books really reflect the culture of the times. Without a real plan, I started collecting these years ago but not for collecting but for reading. A few years ago I needed to make room for my books and decided to donate/sell most of my paperback books. I sold a few and found they had more value than I realized and at the same time I feel back in love with them. The topics, cover art, and mostly unique content started my serious collecting. I am archiving as many as I can preserving them for future enjoyment.

Many times I buy collections and odd lots to get one or two target books. I visit used book stores, estate sales and yard sales looking for good quality paperback books. Now I have nearly 40,000 books and magazines that I am going to sell. Each book is inspected, graded and bagged in archive quality polyethylene bags. The books are either properly stored for long term storage or racked for sale.

Our Mission

Simply stated, we want to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Every transaction is important and will be given the attention required to insure your books are delivered in perfect condition and in a timely manner. 


We price our books to be competitive with other online services (Amazon, ABE Books, and others). We use iguide and other trade books to price our stock. The prices on the online stores vary everyday so you may find lower prices but we are striving to be the best source for vintage paperback books. We will sell at the best price possible that allows us to provide the very best service and keep adding collectible volumes to our stock.


For your convenience, security and safety, we use Shopify Payments (for credit cards) and Paypal for payments. 

What’s Coming

Mad Magazine Collection. We have thousands of Mad magazines in our backlog inventory. This collection is planned to roll out Fall 2015. This will include cover art and summaries from Mad magazines from the first release. We will have our inventory of back issues listed for sale. And, as always at competitive prices.

National Lampoon, Evergreen, Realist and other counter culture magazines will be online for sale by the end of 2015.

Older softcover publications. We have hundreds of softcover publications that predate the popular pocket books. These include mysteries, novels, romance, and non-fiction books. Expect to see these early 2016.

Additional Listings. We plan to add at least 1,000 new titles event month. Look for these in the ‘Just Shelved Collection’.


Email: vintagebookseller@outlook.com

14030 Main Street NE
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206-549-8147 (prefer text message)