The Sayings of Mencius

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Author: James A Ware
Publisher: Mentor MD 307
Year: 1960 Print: 1 Cover Price: $.50
Condition: Near Fine. Light wear. 
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 173
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  In the last decade, we have had to face problems more serious than ever before -- personally, nationally, and globally. With so much seemingly needless pain and destruction in the human race, we need greater inner strength to remain hopeful, to avoid cynicism and despair.

Norman Vincent Peale, whose advice has helped millions, shows you how to:

* Conquer fear and guilt

* Like yourself -- at least most of the time

* Achieve prosperity and enjoyment of life

* Become physically healthy -- the natural way

* Keep the magic of enthusiasm working for you

* Tackle problems hopefully and handle them creatively

* Harness the power of prayer

You can make life as wonderful as it is meant to be. Let Norman Vincent Peale show you the way.

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