Target Earth

$ 4.00

Author: Steve Perry
Publisher: Warner 0446605107
Year: 1998 Print: 1  Cover Price: $6.50
Condition: Very Good. Light wear. Edge wear. 
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 288

Aliens Reclaim the Earth!

Long before man dominated the planet, Earth was visited by a scientifically advanced species. Armed with the knowledge that an impending ecological cataclysm would destroy all indigenous life, these "visitors" removed the most promising specimens to save them from destruction. On new worlds, they evolved into the most advanced and deadly beings in the universe. Now, many millennia later, these creatures are coming home for an "alien" reunion, and to reclaim what was rightfully theirs -- planet Earth.

"A cosmic SF concept". -- Science Fiction Age

"Exciting... recommended". -- Library Journal

"Perry draws main characters who are well-developed. He throws a liberal amount of romance into the plot, altogether forming a solid base for possible future novels. Interesting, enjoyable, and recommended for most collections". -- John O. Christensen, VOYA

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