Skin and Bones

$ 8.00

Author: Thorne Smith
Publisher: Pocket 490
Year: 1948 Print: 1 Cover Price: $.25
Condition: Very Good Plus. Light wear 
Genre: Fiction/Humor
Cover by 
Pages: 274


Thorne Smith once again has our eyes fastened to the words as he blends satire, charm and imagination into his fascinating story.
Mr. Quintus Bland, is he a man or a skeleton? After this well-known photographer attempts to perfect X-ray film, something went terribly awry. Each moment is an adventure as he transforms from flesh to bone and back again without warning. Amazement, unbelief, and terror fill the hearts of onlookers as Mr. Bland passes by in various stages of undress. “Gracious! There’s a naked man in this lift.” (ch 16)
Even his wife who previously had lost all interest in him, begins to feel pity and even love as he loses all hope of normalcy. Be prepared to cringe at Quintus' agonizing doctor visit, laugh while the town mortician attempts to sell him a top of the line coffin, and panic while he races to escape the murderous gunmen out to get him.
Will he escape unharmed, or end up a pile of bones?

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