Science Digest September 1947

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Science Digest was first published in January 1937 in an 8 x 5 inch digest size format of about 100 pages. First edited by G.W. Stamm., it was targeted at persons with a high school education level. It contained short articles about general science often excerpted from other publications in the style of Reader's Digest. The headquarters of Science Digest was in Des Moines, Iowa.

In November 1980 the magazine was expanded to an 11 x 8 inch glossy page format with full-length articles and color pictures targeted at a college-educated reader. The new version was largely the creation of its then editor Scott DeGarmo. It was issued bi-monthly with circulation of about 500,000 copies. At first it tended to favor breathless cover lines, and often turned to pseudoscience topics, including spontaneous human combustion and UFOs. Unable to compete with more serious publications, such as Discover and Omni, the magazine ceased publication in 1986.

The magazine briefly re-appeared as a quarterly in 1987; returning to the original small "digest" format, with many short articles and snippets of science information.MysteryVintage Magazine This final relaunch lasted only one year.


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