Rebel In Love

$ 6.00

Author: Rochel DeNore
Publisher: Ace 70886
Year: 1978 Print: 1 Cover Price: $1.25
Condition: Very Good. Light wear
Genre: Fiction/Romance
Pages: 180


Headstrong, willful Sarah Prescott is determined to marry well. When she meets James WOrthington, she decides taht he is her ideal: he comes from a socially acceptable family, and he is a captain in the army, loyal to the King of England despite the surge of reisstance in the Boston of 1773. One of the rebels in Elias Fox, a man who is slowly falling in love with Sarah despite her rudeness because he cannot advance her cause socially. Then, suddenly, Sarah finds herself caught in a web of intrigue and rebellion, suspected by both the loyalists and the resistors of being a spy for the other side. When her father John Prescott is arrested as a spy and sentenced to hang, she is tempted to believe Elias Fox's words of warning about Worthington. yet the glitter and glamourof the Captain did not hold her. With her father's lfie in the balance; with her own future at stake; with the American Revolution a real and present danger...Sarah Prescott must decide which side--and most importantly, which man--she wants to claim as hers.

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