Master of the Etrax

$ 3.00

Author: Robert Lory
Publisher: Dell 5523
Year: 1970 Print: 1 Cover Price: $.60
Condition: Very Good. Light wear. Sticker pull
Genre: Fiction/Science Fiction
Pages: 156

For Aufcash III, High Hodgepoker of Balik Trovo, the magical Etrax of Overnon is a must-have. Thus, for Hamper, official However to the throne, the legendary jewel becomes a must-get--or become food for three deadly, fanged fliers whose mission is to keep him on a straight path. But the path is less than straight. Testing his wits are home-grown assassins, mountain bandits with marriage ambitions (for him), won’t-hear-no naval recruiters, a ravenous dragon, cannibalistic pirates, a spiteful sorceress and a treacherous genie (lamp included). And that’s all before reaching Overnon, where awaiting him are the Four Perils and, worse, the Hag Who Rules. Wish him luck.


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