Flying Saucer Occupants

$ 10.00

Author: Coral and Jim Lorenzen
Publisher: Signet T3205
Year: 1967 Print: 1 Cover Price: $.75
Condition:  Very Good. Light Wear and tanning
Genre:  Non Fiction/UFOs
Pages: 215

In the United States, in France, in South America... Across the entire world... hundreds of people have already met Flying Saucer Occupants. Here at last are authenticated, documented, fully researched reports from men and women who have actually seen and communicated with extraterrestrial creatures. In one of the most compelling book ever published, Coral and Jim Lorenzen, two of the world's leading civilian UFO experts, cite hundreds of eyewitnesses whose reliability has been thoroughly checked by psychiatric and scientific methods. Here is the little-publicized encounter of a South American farmer who was seduced by a beautiful spacewoman. Here are a number of parallel encounters, often involving several witnesses in one spot at one time. Here too, is an analysis in depth of the strange role played by the CIA in the study of UFO sightings. The results of years of fact-finding about UFO contactees around the world, this is the first book that dares to tell the whole world about Flying Saucer Occupants.

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