Fatal Justice

$ 5.00

Author: Ralph Compton
Publisher: Signet   ISBN 9780451228598
Year: 2009 Print: 1 Cover Price: $5.99
Condition: Fine   No defects
Genre:  Fiction/Western
Pages: 298

In this Ralph Compton western, a lawman seeks both retribution and justice—but his time is running out....

Years ago, Marshal Asher Thrall shot mad-dog killer Ben Sharkey in the leg to save a fellow lawman. Since then, every crooked step has reminded Sharkey of the man who put a bullet in him. And he's just repaid the favor to the marshal in spades.  

When Ash comes to, he's all too eager to ride after his nemesis. But time is against him. Because while Sharkey shot three times, the doctor only removed two slugs. The third is still in Ash's chest—and with every breath, every heartbeat, it is moving closer to ending his life.  

Ash knows he's a walking dead man. But before he dies, he's going to make sure that Sharkeyis one step ahead of him.
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