Edgar Cayce on ESP

$ 4.00

Author: Doris Agee
Publisher: Paper4back Library  64-122
Year: 1969 Print: 1 Cover Price: $.75
Condition: Very Good  Light wear. 
Genre: Non Fiction/Occult
Pages: 224

Composed mainly of Edgar Cayce's own words from the thousands of Life Readings on file at the Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach, Va., EDGAR CAYCE ON ESP is the definitive work on the celebrated prophet's extraordinary achievements in parapsychological phenomena. Edited by his son, Hugh Lynn Cayce, this remarkable volume is an essential work not only for the hundreds of thousands of people fascinated by Edgar Cayce, but for everyone intrigued by the mysterious world of the paranormal. ESP topics covered include: out-of-body travel; unusual incidences of clairvoyance; auras; telepathy; missing persons; precognition and prophecy; dreams; and psychic development in individuals.

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