$ 3.00

Author: Tom Deitz
Publisher: Bantam 0553576461
Year: 2000 Print: 1 Cover Price: $6.50
Condition: Near Fine. Not read
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Pages: 591

From a master of contemporary fantasy comes an unforgettable tale of heroes, heroines, and rogues whose two rival nations are scarred by suspicion, shadowed by war, and summoned to destiny by a magic that is both gift and curse.

In the icy northern realm of Eron, three young artisans bound by an unspeakable act of violence arrive at an isolated gem mine on a special commission for their king. They are the arrogant but talented Eddyn; Avall, his archrival; and beautiful Strynn, newly wed to Avall, but carrying Eddyn’s child.

Meanwhile, to the south, amid Ixti’s scorpion-riddled sands and sensuous cities, a horrible accident has forced Prince Kraxxi into exile with blood on his hands and a price on his head.

The four will be drawn together—and torn apart—by a magnificent find: a gem with magical properties beyond anyone’s imagining or control. It is a struggle in which hidden forces pursue a frighteningly sinister agenda. For whoever possesses the gem holds the future of the world . . . and the power to destroy it.

Praise for Bloodwinter

“Deitz’s unusual setting and strong, magnetic characters bode well for this new series.”Publishers Weekly

“Deitz's skill at crafting a complex tale of men and women driven by warring emotions and rival ambitions anchors his fantasy visions in the reality of human experience. . . . A solid addition to most fantasy collections.”Library Journal

“Both villainy and heroism go beyond stereotype [in] a well-crafted work that explores the nature of art.”Locus

“Tom Deitz is a fine storyteller in the tradition of the Southern mountains . . . with all its legends and magic transported from afar. Like his forebears, he can make magic with words.”—Sharyn McCrumb, New York Times bestselling author of The Ballad of Frankie Silver

“Once again, Tom Deitz has proven himself a master of the fantasy genre. He has created a detailed, realistic world, characters who are both engaging and believable, and a compelling, fast-moving story that draws the reader in from the first page.”—John Maddox Roberts

“Deitz has always been a superb fantasist, but he’s outdone himself in this richly developed, character-driven story!”—Josepha Sherman

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