American Saturday Night by Brad Paisley

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UPC: 886974735229
Artist: Brad Paisley
Format: CD
Release Year: 2010
Record Label: Sony Music Distribution (USA)
Genre: Contemporary Country, Country

Track Listing
1. American Saturday Night
2. Everybody's Here
3. Welcome to the Future
4. Then
5. Water
6. She's Her Own Woman
7. Welcome to the Future (Reprise)
8. Anything Like Me
9. You Do the Math
10. No
11. Catch All the Fish
12. You're Gone Oh Yeah
13. The Pants
14. I Hope That's Me
15. [Untitled]

Playing Time: 62 min.
Contributing Artists: Robben Ford
Producer: Frank Rogers, Chris DeBois
Distributor: Sony Music Distribution (
Recording Type: Studio
SPAR Code: n/a

Album Notes
Personnel: Brad Paisley (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Gary Hooker (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Kendall Marcy (vocals, banjo); Ben Sesar (vocals, drums); Missy Reeves, Tracie Hamilton, Dramamine Kings, Emily Reeves, Valerie Pringle, Huck Paisley, Scott Reeves, Robert Arthur, Tim "Ripper" Owens (vocals); Frank Rogers (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, background vocals); Randle Currie (steel guitar); Mike Johnson (dobro); Bryan Sutton (mandolin); Justin Williamson (fiddle); Gordon Mote (piano, keyboards); Neal Cappellino (piano); Jim "Moose" Brown (Wurlitzer organ); Kevin Grantt (upright bass, electric bass); Eric Darken (percussion); Wes Hightower (background vocals).Audio Mixers: Justin Niebank; Brian David Willis.Audio Remasterer: Hank Williams .Liner Note Author: Judy Forde Blair.Editors: Tyler Moles; Neal Cappellino; Brady Barnett; Brian David Willis.Photographer: Kurt Markus.An American saturday night is not an unusual topic for a country song but Brad Paisley's celebration is. Paisley sees a typical weekend night as a cultural collision of French kisses, Italian Ices, Canadian bacon and margaritas, a place where Mexican and Dutch beers chill side by side in a bucket of ice. If he leans too heavily on labels, referring to those beers by brand name, it's merely a reflection of Paisley's uncanny knack for capturing the casual contemporary details of American life at the tail end of the 2000s. It's not just the pile up of iPhones and international video chats on "Welcome to the Future," the first country anthem of the Obama era, it's how he'll pick up prescription for his girl and flips macho stereotypes on their head on "The Pants." He's a thoroughly modern man and that attitude helps invigorate his traditional country, a sensibility that's welcome on AMERICAN SATURDAY NIGHT. The album veers toward the mellow despite its rollicking title track, the breakneck "Catch all the Fish" and the odd burst incongruous gurgling synth. On the whole, the disc is one of his dreamier albums, filled with swaying slow dances, sweet love tunes and the occasional brokenhearted blues, all delivered with a worn-in ease. Paisley prevents things from getting too relaxed by juxtaposing his every-guy vocals with spitfire guitar, something that gooses even the sleepiest tempos, just like how he spikes his party tunes with sly humor. He never lets things get too serious or too maudlin, he cracks jokes at himself and his friends, he lets everybody into his Saturday night party, because he knows that what makes an American party - and what makes America - is how all the best things wash up on the US shores.

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