A Summer Place

$ 50.00

Author: Sloan Wilson
Publisher: Cardinal GC 65
Year: 1959 Print: 1 Cover Price: $.50
Condition: Very Good Plus. Light wear and tanning
Genre: Fiction/GGA
Pages: 307

The summer place from which Sloan Wilson's novel takes its title is an island off the coast of Maine. It is beautiful in summer . It is terrifying in winter-- as though, when the summer people are away, their icy snobberies. their fears of committing social errors remain to haunt the empty beaches. On this island, one summer, Ken Jorgenson and Sylvia Raymond meet. They are very young and passionately attractred to each other. But both are outsiders, confused by the island's rigid caste life. And in their confusion they part in anger. The story of what is happens to them and to the people they marry and to their children, who years later meet on the island, is the central thread of a novel about how marriages are made on earth-- some out of fear, some out of pride, some out of desperations. And some, when there is strength and self-knowledge, out of love.

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