Author: Viña Delmar

Viña Delmar (January 29, 1903 – January 19, 1990) was a twentieth-century American author, playwright, and screenwriter. With the editorial assistance of her husband, Eugene, she wrote or adapted about twenty plays which were produced as films during her lifetime—a career that lasted from 1929 to 1956. She was nominated for an Academy Award for 1937 for her screen adaptation of the Arthur Richman play, "The Awful Truth".

Her first major work was a 1928 novel titled Bad Girl, a cautionary tale about premarital sex and pregnancy, which was adapted for both stage and screen. The book was the fifth best-selling work for that year. Bad Girl was considered so scandalous at first that it was initially banned in Boston.

In 1929, she published Loose Ladies, a series of fictional portraits of modern American city women, and the novel Kept Woman.

Delmar was married to Albert Otto Zimmerman who changed his name in July 1929 to Eugene Delmar. They resided in Scarsdale, New York from 1928 until their home was sold in 1940. They remained married until his death in 1956. The couple had one son, Gray, who was born in 1924 and killed in an automobile racing accident in 1966. After the death of her husband, Delmar ceased to be productive as a writer.

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