Author: Charles Mergendahl

Charles Mergendahl (Born 1919 in Massachusetts ; Died 1959 in New York ) was an American writer.

As the son of a teacher Mergen Dahl began after successfully completing his schooling at the University of Boston literature and pedagogy to study. The entry of the United States into the Second World War was for merging Dahl reason to interrupt his studies to the US Navy to enter.

After the war, Mergen Dahl left as an officer in the Army and graduated in Boston from; but never worked in this profession. Even before the war he wrote as a freelancer for various radio and TV stations. Until his death in 1959 - he died as a result of an accident - Mergen Dahl lived as a freelance writer in New York.

His greatest success achieved Mergen Dahl with his novel "Everyone pays for his guilt." This was very controversial in appearance and, inter alia, with "The people of Peyton Place" by Grace Metalious compared (1924-1964). This novel Mergen Dahl was founded in 1960 by Daniel Petrie filmed and was as successful as the filming of Peyton Place by Mark Robson . In 1968 RG Springsteen Mergen Dahl's novel "Tiger by the tail" under the same title in the cinemas.


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