Week-End Marriage

$ 10.00

Author: Faith Baldwin
Publisher: Dell 73
Year: 1932
Print: 1
Cover Price: $
Condition: Very Good 
Genre: Romance
SKU: 40116184

Originally published in 1931, this book novelizes the "scandal" of young women who wish to continue working after their wedding ceremonies. From the dustjacket: "When a girl marries, she works, of course," said Mrs. Davis flatly. "For her home. For her husband. What kind of ahome can a girl make for herself and her man if she's running to an office daytimes and skipping out to the delicatessen at night?" "Marriage," Lola commented, "isn't all eating." "You'd be surprised," Mrs. Davis said, how much just eating marriage is!" But Lola Davis decided that she would go on working after she and Kenneth got married, if only just temporarilly. Kenneth was making fifty a week and they could have lived on it, but Lola didn't want to give up any of the things that her salary, added to his, made possible. Marriage, she believed, could be a a business partnership for modern men and women. What happened to Ken and Lola is happening to thousands of young men and women today. Out of their problems, Faith Baldwin has woven a dramatic romance with a lesson for all young married people and for every girl who wants both a job and a husband.


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