The Supernatural

$ 12.00

Author: Douglas Hill
Publisher: Signet Q3256
Year: 1967
Print: 5
Cover Price: $.95
Condition: Near Fine
Genre:  Unexplained
SKU: 50116042E

A look into the fascinating world of the unknown, unexplained and/or unexplanable, including occult practitioners, alchemists, devil worshipers, witches, superstitions, cults, rituals, voodoo, etc. The authors delve into the phenomena of famous hauntings, exorcisms and apparitions from the position of (at the time) modern psychology and parapsychology, and include examinations of the occult in literature and the theater with works by Edgar Allen Poe, Goethe, and H.G. Wells. They also take a look at the fictional characters of Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, and the Wolf Man. Many photographs, drawings, medieval woodcuts illustrate the points of the authors.

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