The Prisoner of Sex

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THE PRISONER OF SEX is the incredibly vivid story of one man's sexual life, and a burning defense of his sexual identity. The man is Norman Mailer. His explosion of sexual memory was touched off by a violent attack by leading exponents of Women's Lib. The result, when it appeared in "Harper's Magazine", shook a publishing empire to its foundations. Since then his book has been damned and applauded, it has shocked sensibilities and expanded consciousness, and has taken its place as the most hotly debated and important sexual document of our time. The New York Times said, "Mailer's books have all been testaments, and this one is the most intimate, inclusive, and deeply felt of all. It says more about love and sex than ARMIES OF THE NIGHT said about politics. It is Norman Mailer's best book."

Author: Norman Mailer
Publisher: Signet Y4822
Year: 1971 Print 1
Cover Price: $1.25
Condition: Very good. Light wear. 
Genre: Non Fiction
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