The Pocket Dictionary of American Slang

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Author: Harold Wentworth
Publisher: Pocket 81040
Year: 1977 Print: 10
Cover Price: $1.95
Condition: Fine. No defects. 
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 413

AMERICAN SLANG - The highly colored, many-flavored words and expressions of every sector of our national life--the beat generation, Madison Avenue, the underworld, prizefighters, teenyboppers, addicts, astronauts, soda jerks, and hobos. Slang is the popular expression of many sub-groups--some of which are the Army, Navy & Merchant Marine, immigrants, hobos & tramps, railroad workers, baseball players & fans, show business workers, high school students & general teenagers, college students, financial district employees, jazz musicians & fans, narcotic addicts, & the underworld. Each group's unique words are listed and defined amongst thousands of definitions of American Slang!

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