The Mad Adventures of Captain Klutz

$ 10.00

Author: Don Martin
Publisher: Warner Books 94-417
Year: 1980 Print: 1 Cover Price: $1.75
Condition: Very Good. Light wear
Genre: Fiction/Humor
Pages: 192

Don Martin's satirical take on the 1960s superhero craze, Captain Klutz, made his debut in 1967. Ringo Fonebone was a hopelessly inept boy. He was utterly absorbed in reading comic books, to the point that he was kicked out of his parents' house, as well as a vocational school he tried to attend and a flophouse (the last expulsion left him in nothing but a set of red long johns and dotted boxer shorts). He realized what a mess his life was, and as he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself, the towel he used as a rope broke. He fell to earth, inadvertently acquiring a mask (originally a woman's hat being thrown out by her irate husband), and finally crash-landed in the middle of a robbery, in long-johns, with his "mask" and towel-"cape," distracting the robber long enough for the police to capture him. The robber's angry exclamation: "Why, you klutz!" was taken by the dazed (and temporarily amnesiac) Ringo as his name, and he responded to the officers' questions regarding his identity with: "I'm...a klutz, captain." The police thought he had said he was "Captain Klutz," and the rest was history.

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