The House of Mirth

$ 3.00

Author: Edith Wharton
Publisher: Signet CW775
Year: 1964 Print: 1 Cover Price: $1.50
Condition: Very Good. Light wear. 
Genre: Fiction/Classic
Pages: 351


She was so evidently the victim of the civilization which had produced her, that the links of her bracelet seemed like manacles chaining her to her fate.

Lily Bart, a beautiful yet impoverished socialite in turn- of-the-century New York, is looking to get married. Despite creeping up on the age beyond the societal norms of marriage, she holds high standards for a husband because she herself grew up in elegance and luxury, two life qualities she believes she cannot live without.

The House of Mirth presents a young protagonist who struggles between who she is and who society tells her to be. One of the first of its kind to depict the life of New York high society, The House of Mirth showcases the depravity that surrounds the worship of money and the seeking of a high reputation.

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