The Causes of World War Three

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Author: C. Wright Mills
Publisher: Ballantine F420
Year: 1960
Print: 1
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Genre: Non Fiction
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Readable and practical, this workbook provides technical assistance and concrete advice for researching, writing, and teaching with cases. The exercises and worksheets encourage practicing skills and serve as a handy and affordable workshop alternative for both novice and experienced case writers. Nine stand-alone modules and 79 exercise worksheets guide case authors through the entire case writing process from research through publication. Special topics such as teaching students to write cases, learning how to review for others, and collaborative writing techniques are explained and will grab the readers attention. The book is written in a to-the-point, engaging manner and avoids academic jargon, acronyms, and inside terminology. It can be used as a stand-alone volume, or in concert with any other case writing manual.

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