Stryker's Revenge

$ 4.00

Author: Ralph Compton
Publisher: Signet   ISBN 9780451228871
Year: 2010 Print: 1 Cover Price: $6.99
Condition: Near Fine  Light wear
Genre:  Fiction/Western
Pages: 297

 In this western in Ralph Compton's USA Today bestselling series, the deepest scars are the ones on a man’s soul…

When Lieutenant Steve Stryker learns Rake Pierce is running guns to the Apaches, he sees his chance for vengeance. Pierce disfigured Stryker’s face while escaping from custody, which led to the loss of all Stryker held dear, including his fiancée. Now all Stryker has is his Army command, and his only purpose is to hunt Apaches.
But living for vengeance is no way to live, and despite scars that will never heal, Stryker finds himself starting to care again—for the scout who saved his life, and the woman and child he rescues from the Indians. Steve Stryker may find a reason to go on living after all—but not until he puts Pierce in the cold, hard ground…
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