Men, Martians and Machines

$ 4.00

Author: Eric Frank Russell
Publisher: Berkley F1088
Year: 1958 Print: 1 Cover Price: $.50
Condition: Near Fine. Light wear. 
Genre: Science Fiction
Cover by   
Pages: 175

The people of the Solar System have broken the light-speed barrier, and exploration ships are going out in all directions, manned by---you guessed it!---Men, Martians, and Machines (Robots). This set of linked stories describes a part of the epic voyage of the *Marathon*, powered by the Flettner Drive, seeking new worlds for humanity to spread onto. One planet is inhabited by only machines, survivors perhaps of a civilization in which the machine-makers had perished. Another contains a race of master hypnotists, who make the crew see only what they wish to see! Included is the classic, oft-anthologized novella *Jay Score*

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