Dreams and Nightmares

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Author: J.A. Hadfield
Publisher:  Pelican A294
Year: 1954

Print: 1
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Genre:  Psychology
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Comments: We all dream - and which of us could not recall some strange or vivid dream that lingers in the memory? What is the purpose of such dreams? Do they have meaning or are they nonsense? Can they help us with our problems? How do we understand the structure and strange symbolism of dreams? And what do we make of nightmares? Dr J.A. Hadfield spent much of his professional career dealing with people's dreams. In this engaging classic he drew upon this experience to provide a comprehensive and balanced view of the various theories of dream interpretation. His scholarship ranges from the ideas of primitive peoples and dreams in classical times, through the theories of Freud and Jung, to the various biological interpretations. Among the topics he explores are the role of nightmares, dreams and psychical research, dreams and neuroses, and dreams and problem solving. In this reprint of a long out of print classic text, Dr. Hadfield takes us beyond the bizarre and strange imaginings that nightly unfold as we sleep and helps show us the importance of our dreamlife.

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