Botany Bay

$ 5.00

Author: Charles Nordoff and James Norman Hall
Publisher: Perma M04001
Year: 1955 Print: 2 Cover Price: $.35
Condition: Very Good Plus. Light wear. 
Genre: Fiction
Cover by  
Pages: 337

In 1787 prisoners are shipped from Newgate Jail on the Charlotte to found a new penal colony in Botany Bay, New South Wales. Amongst them is Hugh Tallant, an American medical student who had been wrongly imprisoned. During the journey he begins to clash with the villainous Captain Gilbert and is soon plotting a full-scale mutiny against him. There was great interest in this book due to the success of the book Mutiny on the Bounty. There was a historical ship the Charlotte captained by Gilbert which sailed with the First Fleet. The novel portrays the harsh conditions in an Australian penal colony and interactions with the aboriginal population.

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