Firefly - The Complete Series (DVD, 2009, 4-Disc Set)

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Number of Disks: 5

Region: 1

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"Firefly" The Complete Series is a DVD collection of the cult hit series “Firefly”. This sci-fi series only aired eleven episodes before its cancellation, but the audience that the series gained before and after the series ended still lives on. This four-disc set comes with all 14 episodes that were created, three of which never aired. "Firefly" The Complete Series comes with commentary on Serenity part 1 and 2, and various other episodes as well. The series follows the ship “Serenity” and its captain and crew through a universe that is controlled by a totalitarian-like regime that follows the crew from episode to episode. With characters that viewers grow to love, the sci-fi series is hard to stop watching once the first and second episodes are viewed. This four-disc set shows Alan Tydyk's audition, a gag reel, various extras, and a how it was made feature entitled 'Here's How It Was: The Making of Firefly”. "Firefly" The Complete Series is a DVD collection for fans of the series and those who want to jump into a new, entertaining sci-fi universe.

Product Details
Edition: 4-Disc Set
Number of Discs: 4
Rating: Not Rated
Film Country: USA
UPC: 024543089292

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Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy, Television
Format: DVD
Display Format: 4-Disc Set

"...FIREFLY was a smart, satisfying genre reinvention....The cast was strong..."
Entertainment Weekly - Marc Bernardin (12/05/2003)

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