Thieves's World Book 3 Shadows of Sanctuary

$ 20.00

Author: Robert Lynn Asprin and Lynn Abbey
Publisher: Ace 44180601
Year: 1987 Print: 1 Cover Price: $3.50
Condition: Fine. Not Read
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Pages: 338

 The third Thieves’ World® anthology—with stories by fantasy’s favorite authors—curated by the New York Times–bestselling author of the Myth series.
Times are hard, and the citizens of Sanctuary are not their greedy, immoral, grifting selves. But desperate times call for desperate measures, which means the bad guys are about to up their game. No one is safe from Sanctuary’s evil charms—not the fish in the waters, not the prince’s own Hell Hound guards, not even Satan himself.

Shadows also includes another story by Offutt that reinforces my opinion that he is incapable of writing a bad story for this series. A number of the tales are Tempus stories, with several of our other recurring characters also making appearances. By virtue of Tempus’ unique relationship with the god Vashanka, these stories also bring us back toward the storyline of the competing deities, and help us to look forward to new developments in the fourth book. All in all, Shadows is the strongest book amongst the first three publications.” —Fantasy-Faction

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