The Transvection Machine

$ 6.00

Author: Edward D. Koch
Publisher: Pocket 77640
Year: 1973 Print: 1 Cover Price: $.95
Condition: Very Good. Light wear 
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 176

This science fiction novel, is set in the mid-21st century, featuring Carl Crader and Earl Jazine of the Computer Investigation Bureau, nicknamed the "Computer Cops". The Transvection Machine, 1971 Edward Dentinger Hoch (February 22, 1930 - January 17, 2008) was a prolific American writer of detective fiction. Although he wrote several novels, he was primarily known for his vast short story output which, at the time of his death, was over 950. Hoch was born in Rochester, New York and began writing in the 1950s; his first story appeared in 1955 in Famous Detective Stories and was followed by stories in The Saint Mystery Magazine. In January 1962 he began appearing in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. In December 1962 he kicked off his most successful collaboration, with the appearance of his first story in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine; in the years since EQMM has published over 450 of Hoch's stories, roughly half of his total output. In May 1973 EQMM began publishing a new Hoch story in every monthly issue; as of May 2007 the author had gone an astonishing 34 years without missing a single issue. Other magazines Hoch wrote for included Adventure ,Double-Action Detective, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, The Magazine of Horror and Web Detective Stories.Hoch was a master of the classic detective story, emphasizing mystery and deduction rather than suspense and fast action; EQMM has called him "The King of the Classical Whodunit." His stories are very well written and are usually tightly plotted puzzles, with carefully and fairly presented clues, both physical and psychological. He was particularly partial to "impossible crime" tales, where to all appearances the crime (usually a murder) could not have been committed at all; he invented numerous variants on the locked room mystery popularized by John Dickson Carr and others.




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