The Thurb Revolution

$ 12.00

Author: Alexei Panshin
Publisher: Ace 80855
Year: 1978 Print: 1 Cover Price: $2.75
Condition: Near Fine. Light wear. Not read
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 215

What can you do with Yagoots?

Yagoots? That's what Pickles and Daisy Smetana, formerly the Toast of the Empire, now the keepers of half an inn on a sleepy (but picturesque) vacation planet, wondered: What can you do with Yagoots?

Our hero, Anthony Villiers, sometimes Viscount Charteris and peripatetic player of a most dangerous game, thought he knew. But then, how far can you trust the instincts of a man, however charming, who insists on traveling with a large, furry alien who rides a red tricycle? Someone who unveils suggestive imagery even in the innocent tales of the sainted Mrs. Waldo Wintergood herself? Even if talking pink clouds with illusions of deity do confide in him, how can you be quite sure of a man so sought after for purposes ranging from pornography to hero-worship to ... murder?

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