The Plague of Silence

$ 6.00

Author: John Creasey
Publisher: Magnum Books 74-602
Year: 1974 Print: 1 Cover Price: $1.50
Condition: Very Good. Light wear and tanning
Genre: Fiction/Mystery
SKU: 30121034E

Dr. Palfrey and Z5 hunt the men who will rule or ruin as the world faces Doomsday! The first victim was a housewife, discovered paralyzed, unable to move, unable to talk. Two doctors examined her...and died--murdered! But the murderers made one mistake: one of the victims was an agent for Z5, the secret international organization headed by Dr. Palfrey. Soon Palfrey knew he was up against a group that would stop at nothing--including the complete destruction of the world--to win their objective of world domination. Inside Cover: The Kiss of Death! It started with a mosquito bite. Millions of people the world over cursed the little pests that came with the arrival of summer--cursed, and slapped the annoyance into a bloody pulp, and went on about their business. But some people were unable to go on with the normal routine of life. What came as a bite turned quickly into soreness of throat, loss of voice, and then complete paralysis! And soon people all over the world were dying, painfully. Z5 was always interested in events out of the ordinary, and particularly so when it seemed as though the mysterious plague were aimed at the destruction of that organization!

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