The Nature of Prejudice

$ 15.00

Author: Gordon W. Allport
Publisher: Anchor A149
Year: 1958 Print: 1 Cover Price: $1.45
Condition: Very Good. Light wear. 
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 496

The book " does not pretend to deal with the science of human relations as a whole.It aims merely to clarify one underlying issue-the nature of human prejudice. But this issue is basic,for without knowledge of the roots of hostility we cannot hope to employ our intelligemce effectively in controlling its destructiveness.It is a serious error to ascribe prejuduce and discrimination to any single taproot,reaching into economic exploitation, social structure,the mores,fear,aggression,sez conflict or any other favored soil.Prejudice and discrimination,as we shall see, may draw norishment from all these conditions, and many more." From the Preface - by the author

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