The Jesus Movement in America

$ 61.00

Author: Edward E. Plowman
Publisher: Pyramid N2436 Year: 1971 Print: 1 Cover Price: $0.95
Condition: Near Fine
Genre: Religion

You've seen it written up in leading national magazines. You've heard about it on the news. It's a fascinating story - there's change in the church today. "The Jesus Movement in America" is a historical document of the Jesus Movement that is sweeping the county. It will provide information, inspiration, and, I think, encouragement to church leaders everywhere. Mr. Plowman has been at the heart of the Movement since its inception, and with sympathetic objectivity chronicles the events, recognizes the personalities involved, and points out some of the pitfalls and dangers of the movement. While there is some spurious faddism to the Movement, and certainly some elements have gone to extremes, yet the great emphasis of the Movement has been deep and genuine. Mr. Plowman has done an outstanding work in chronicling these events. -- Billy Graham

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