The Fifty Year Decline and Fall of Hollywood

$ 30.00

Author: Ezra Goodman
Publisher: Macfadden 75-103
Year: 1962 Print: 1 Cover Price: $.75
Condition: Very Good Plus. Light wear. Not read
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 456

 "One of the best books about Hollywood..." says The New Yorker. A revealing survey of the people who made movies, from D W Griffith to Wilder and Hitchcock, and the moguls like Zanuck, Mayer, Warner, who ruled the town. There are previously untold stories about newspapers being urged to give "good" reviews and the NYT publisher having a bad review of a Goldwyn movie altered to please personal pals. Producers like Walter Wanger, Stanley Kramer and Dore Schary are viewed with a gimlet eye. Hollywood film history -- up to 1960.

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