$ 5.00

Author: Matt Braun
Publisher: Signet  ISBN 0-451-16906-9
Year: 1991 Print: 1 Cover Price: $3.95
Condition: Near Fine. No defects
Genre:  Fiction/Western
Pages: 173

At the foot of the Wind River Mountains and just east of the continental divide was Tenbow Valley, eighty miles of rich, watered graze on the way to Oregon territory. From Cheyenne, Jack Stillman has come to Tenbow to solve a string of murders. Each victim was a landowner in the valley, and each killing was carried out with a deadly, long range rifle. Taking on the guise of a gambler, Stillman is quick to line up his suspects and start prying open their secrets. But while greed is the likeliest reason for the murders, the killer keeps striking―even when Stillman has his eye on the suspects. Suddenly, in a land of wild honeysuckle, snowy mountain peaks, and the spirits of native warriors, the veteran lawman realizes he's made a fatal mistake and missed a motive as old as time itself…Now it may be too late because an expert at murder has Stillman in the crosshairs of his gun…

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