Out of the Closets Voices of Gay Liberation

$ 20.00

Author: Karla Jay and Allen Young
Publisher: Jove Book Y4497
Year: 1977 Print: 1
Cover Price: $1.95
Condition: Very Good. Light wear 
Genre: Adult NF
SKU: 110120108E

Filled with Joyous self-affirmation, angry manifestos, and searching personal reflections, this classic work provides a close look at the individuals and ideologies of this important social movement. In the tradition of Sisterhood is Powerful, Out of the Closets presents , in their own words, the views, values attitudes, aspirations, and circumstances of the early generation of gay and lesbian liberationists. Highlighting both how much and how little has changed since Stonewall, this work is essential reading for anyone concerned with the history of sexuality and the legal and social status of lesbians and gays in contemporary America.

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