Mind Song

$ 5.00

Author: Joan Cox
Publisher: Avon 43638
Year: 1979 Print: 1 Cover Price: $2.75
Condition: Very Good. Light wear. Reading crease
Genre: Fiction/Science Fiction
Pages: 282

On the planet Eden, a terraformed paradise in the midst of a Hellenic Age one man hunts the supreme secret - that may be only a myth. He is Don Eel. Call him lover, dreamer, rebel, seer. Death-sentenced on his own world, rescued and led across wild and nomadic lands to the gleaming Citadel with its hidden ultramodern room - he alone can pass unscathed into the world of the blue-green skies and bustling spaceports, searching the galaxy for a treasure too close to see. He alone can unlock the mystery for which an ageless race lost their memories to save their lives.

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