Lord Prestimion

$ 12.00

Author: Robert Silverberg
Publisher: EOS 0061058106
Year: 2000 Print: 1 Cover Price: $6.99
Condition: Near Fine. Light wear. 
Genre: Fiction/Science Fiction/Fantasy
Pages: 497

Prestimion should be jubilant. As the new Coronal Lord of Majipoor, the Starburst Crown is his at lost. But the victorious lord is burdened with a great secret: he gained the throne through a bloody civil war -- a war no one remembers! With the aid of a phalanx of sorcerers, Prestimion dropped the awesome Spell of Oblivion over his people to heal his war-torn land. Forgotten now are the betrayals, the intrigues, and the slaughter. Only Prestimion and two of his surviving comrades-in-arms know anything happened at all.

Yet Prestimion must still account for his world's devastation and do the impossible: bring to justice the kinsman who languishes in the dungeon because no one can recall his unforgivable crime. And in his hour of triumph, Prestimion will face a threat to his kingdom for more insidious than war -- a twisted madness that cannot be controlled....

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