Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs

$ 35.00

Author: Max McCoy
Publisher: Bantam 0553561936
Year: 1996 Print: 1 Cover Price: $5.50
Condition: Fine. Not read
Genre: Fiction/Adventure
Pages: 223

Fresh from a ride on a Nazi submarine, Indiana Jones is persuaded by a beautiful missionary to search for her missing father in Mongolia. Professor Angus Starbuck has discovered a dinosaur bone in the Gobi Desert. But unlike other such discoveries, this bone isn’t ancient! As Indy crosses from China through a treacherous mountain pass into Outer Mongolia, he runs afoul of the region’s fiercest warlords. Meanwhile, the world’s last innocent people, dwelling in a Stone Age paradise, are poised on the brink of destruction. Suddenly Indiana Jones is dueling wild dogs and bloodthirsty killers in a desperate effort to save the most historic discovery of the twentieth century: the last living triceratops!

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