Final Blackout

$ 5.00

Author: L. Ron Hubbard
Publisher: L. Ron Hubbard Library 25259
Year: 1991 Print: 1 Cover Price: $4.95
Condition: Very Good Plus. Light wear. 
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 218

A land ravaged by war without end.

Cities gutted by weapons of mass destruction.

Countries laid waste by biological warfare.

Governments ruined by greed, violence, and corruption.

This is a world in the throes of economic decay and at the mercy of terrorists.

This is Asia. This is Europe. This is America. This is Final Blackout.

Across this devastated, post-apocalyptic landscape marches one extraordinary soldier and his band of brothers. He is the Lieutenant, a hardened military strategist and a charismatic leader of men. The narrow-minded high command may have relieved the Lieutenant of duty, but not of his honor—and his crack unit of warriors remains fiercely loyal to him.

Now, in a time of deception, desperation, and betrayal, they are headed into the ultimate battle against the ultimate enemy—their own treacherous leaders. But for the Lieutenant, a hero at the crossroads of history, it is time to do what is best for his country and for his men—to undertake one last act of courage and sacrifice … the Final Blackout.

“As perfect a piece of science fiction as has ever been written.” —Robert A. Heinlein


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