El Paso and The Wild Ones

$ 4.00

Author: Matt Braun
Publisher: Saint Martin   ISBN 9780312948528
Year: 1996 Print: 1 Cover Price: $6.99
Condition: Near Fine Light wear
Genre:  Fiction/Western
Pages: 522

The Old West comes vividly to life in two novels from bestselling author Matt Braun―America's authentic voice of the Western Frontier

It is 1881. El Paso, Texas, is at a crossroads. A booming sin city crawling with corrupt politicians and gunslick outlaws, its marshal is about to face his greatest challenge: the savagery of the notorious Banning Brothers. Now it's up to one man to stop a reign of terror…and bring swift justice to a desperate town.

Into the 1870s West comes a family of New York City stage performers: a widowed father, his son, and a daughter whose beauty and singing voice could make the most hardened frontiersmen weep. But the Fontaine family is unprepared for the hardship they endure across the Mississippi. Their only hope: If the young Lillian can sing her way to success in the rising boomtown called Denver. …


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