Christianity and the Decline of Rome

$ 7.00

Author: Edward Gibbon
Publisher: Collier AS 454
Year: 1962 Print: 1 Cover Price: $.95
Condition:  Very Good.  Light wear. Not read
Genre: Non Fiction/History?Religion
Pages: 512


Edward Gibbon's celebrated history of the collapse of the Roman Empire is more than a classic; it is a tribute to the Age of Reason that produces it, a monument of accurate research and organization, an ageless masterwork still consulted and quoted by scholars nearly two decades after it was written. Volume 1 of this modern edition examines the military, political, and social factors that undermines the foundations of the Empire, and the rising tide of Christianity, which Gibbon views as a central element in the Roman decline. It is a magnificent story of a magnificent era, told with the clarity and richness of style that distinguished the best eighteenth-century litrature in general ans Gibbon's work in particular.

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