Catastrophe's Spell

$ 3.00

Author: Mayer Alan Brenner
Publisher: DAW 0886773571
Year: 1989 Print: 1  Cover Price: $3.95
Condition: Very Good. Some moisture damage. Solid. Very readable
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Pages: 320

Welcome to the Dance of Gods!

In a world of magic, where computers and nanotechnology are long gone, where thoughtless gods struggle for power with little regard for those below, one unlucky man must make some tough decisions ...

Maximillian the Vaguely Disreputable isn’t sure what’s going on in the village of Roosing Oolvaya. Someone--probably a god--has trapped Max’s friend The Great Karlini in a castle that keeps trying to move at the most inconvenient times, and naturally it’s up to Max to figure out how to spring him. But the gods throwing their weight around in Roosing Oolvaya are more than Max bargained for, and soon he’s caught between necromancers, working with a detective named The Creeping Sword, and even dancing with Death itself in a desperate attempt to save the city from catastrophe.

“Three separate lines of action engage disparate characters in a race to converge at last in a huge blast of action ... leaving the reader breathless but satisfied.” --Kliatt

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