Blue Skies No Candy

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Author: Gael Greene
Publisher: Warner 76-17870
Year: 1978 Print: 1 Cover Price: $
Condition: Very Good Plus. Light wear. 
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 348

 An Underground Classic of Erotica

“A caviar and foie gras freefall of uninhibited, delicious and tantalizing sex.” --Toronto Globe.

Not Since Henry Miller has a book about sex caused such a furor. A National Best Seller, Gael Greene’s Blue Skies, No Candy was greeted in 1976 with shock and outrage by male critics and was championed by women. Ads for the daring paperback were banned from New York City’s subways. But it has continued to be an underground classic of erotica decades after going out of print. “Bed is where I’m making it these days…” Thus begins the witty and utterly uninhibited confessions of Kate Alexander. Kate is a woman who has everything: professional success as a screenwriter, adoring husband, well-balanced offspring…all the ridiculous, delicious trappings of celebrity in Manhattan. But the panic of turning 40 and the struggle to stay at the top in a profession where there are few women have eroded her confidence. The one place she feels comfortable is…bed. Behind the devotion she feels for her husband Jamie is a hurricane of sexual energy. Her afternoons are devoted to acting out erotic fantasies that crowd her head. None of this must ever threaten her life with Jamie. But then she meets Jason the urbane Texan who is her match, the man who knows Kate better than she knows herself. Their odyssey through the truffle fields of France, as Kate dares every carnal risk, escalates into what could be love…or just sexual obsession.

“Blue Skies has brought a new dimension to erotica,” – The Stars and Stripes

“Refreshing. Sex games are laid out with a candor that must be some sort of milestone in erotic writing by women.” – Erica Abeel, Newsday

“Of course it’s sexy but it’s also very funny and very human.” – Judy Feiffer

“It’s new and fun to read an erotic book written by a woman about a woman who takes extraordinary joy in sex.” – Betty Friedan

"A super talented writer has taken a completely original voyage into the lushness of a woman’s sexual longings. I think of Greene as a contemporary Colette.” – Ruth Harris, author of Decades
“How in the world were they able to print Blue Skies, No Candy, without special paper that resists Fahrenheit 451 [the burning point of paper]? This sizzling sexual odyssey elevates Ms. Greene from her place at the head of the food writing list into the Erica Jong pantheon of sexually liberated fictionalists.” – Liz Smith, New York Daily News

“Effective, witty, readable..a classic of its kind.” – Cosmopolitan.

“Funny,scarifyingly witty…it has verve, speed, wisecracks.” – Vogue

“A menu of erotica.”—Oakland Press

“I use it all the time.” – Anonymous.

Gael Greene was New York magazine’s Insatiable Critic for 40 years. She has published seven books, including two erotic novels and Delicious Sex: A Guide for Women and Men Who Want to Love Them Better, also available as an ebook. Insatiable: Tales from a Life of Delicious Excess, her memoir, is available in bookstores and online. Blue Skies, No Candy was an alternate selection of The Literary Guild, Doubleday Book Club and Contempo Book Club.

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