Angel The Summoned

$ 4.00

Author: Cameron Dokey
Publisher: Pocket 0743407008
Year: 2001 Print: 1 Cover Price: $5.99
Condition: Near Fine. Light wear. Not read
Genre: Fiction/TV/Mystery
Pages: 294

Even if it takes an eternity, he will make amends.... Doyle is in the supermarket when the latest vision hits. Fear. Fire. Death. And an ornately engraved ancient amulet. As usual, the Powers That Be are none too specific. When he comes to, he is being tended by an anxious young woman named Terri Miller. A shy girl from a small town, Terri is new to L.A., and feeling like a wallflower in the bright lights of this big city. Soon after her encounter with Doyle, who heads off without more than a perfunctory thank-you, a charismatic young man invites her to a meeting for a club to which he belongs. Meanwhile, Angel and his gang have been turned on to a killer who burns his victims beyond recognition. Several of the deceased have connections to Terri's newfound circle of friends, and Cordelia suddenly finds herself in possession of an amulet that looks awfully familiar....

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