Alias Two Of A Kind?

$ 10.00

Author: Greg Cox
Publisher: Simon ISBN 1416902139
Year: 2005  Print: 1 Cover Price: $10.50
Condition: Fine. Like New
Genre:  Fiction/Mystery/Movie
Pages: 356

 Taking orders again from Arvin Sloane is enough for agent Sydney Bristow's life to feel turned upside down. But when an old adversary resurfaces and begs specifically for her help, Sydney is forced to confront ever-changing alliances -- and the disturbing question of just how much she and her former enemy have in common.
United by an urgent goal but for separate reasons, an inconceivable team is forged. From the luxury hotels of downtown Singapore to the frenetic streets of New Orleans's French Quarter, Sydney finds herself with little time to decide if she's been given the chance to amend ancient history or if she's being lethally played.

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