A Girl Can Dream

$ 8.00

Author: Betty Cavanna
Publisher: TAB T8
Year: c1948 Print: 1 Cover Price: $
Condition: Very Good. Light wear and tanning. 
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 188

A teen novel from the 50s. A Girl Can Dream is set in 1948. Loretta (Rette) Larkin idolizes her older brother, Tony, who flew for the 82nd Airborne. Meanwhile, some farmland has been converted to a new airport, and the owner of the airport shows up at the high school and announces an essay contest, with the prize to be 10 free flying lessons. There's some question as to whether girls should enter at all, but in the end Lorette (Rette) Larkin and popular girl Elise Wynn, do, and Rette wins.

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