60 Sexy & Sordid Vintage Paperback Book Covers December 1, 2015 10:40

Interesting article from Design Crave

"We love the tawdry tarts and racy tag lines found on trashy vintage paperback book covers. Which is why we were so delighted to find vintagepbks.com.   The site features artists likeGeorge Gross and Lou Marchetti cranking out the camp factor in their illustrations.  With over 800 images, it’s hard to choose favorites.  A few that topped our list include Gutter Star: She was A Hollywood Star, but Her Home Was the Gutter and Gang Mistress: The Shocking Tale of Youth Gone Wild. The site also lists titles by themes like Science Fiction, Sleaze, Juvenille Delinquent and Lesbiana.  While all pretty good, with titles like  Cracker Girl and Backwoods Tramp the Hillbilly category is easily the most intriguing. Check out 60 images after the jump."

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