First 100 Paperback Books from Bantam

Author Title Year
  1. Twain,M
 Life On The Mississippi  
  1. Gruber,F
 The Gift Horse  
  1. Grey,Z
  1. Daly,E
 The Evidence Of Things Seen  
  1. Sabatini,R
  1. Dean,RG
 A Murder By Marriage  
  1. Steinbeck,J
 The Grapes Of Wrath  
  1. Fitzgerald,FS
 The Great Gatsby  
  1. Household,G
 Rogue Male  
  1. Rawlings,MK
 South Moon Under  
  1. Rorick,IS
 Mr And Mrs Cugat  
  1. Homes,G
 Then There Were Three  
  1. Paul,E
 The Last Time I Saw Paris  
  1. Saint, Exupery,A
Wind, Sand And Stars  
  1. Benson,S
 Meet Me In St Louis  
  1. Ford,L
 The Town Cried Murder  
  1. Tarkington,B
  1. Schulberg,B
 What Makes Sammy Run  
  1. Nathan,R
 One More Spring  
  1. Hobart,AT
 Oil For The Lamps Of China  
  1. Thurber,J
 Men Women And Dogs  
  1. Benefield,B
 Valiant Is The Word For Carrie  
  1. Haycox,E
 Bugles In The Afternoon  
  1. Holding,ES
 Net Of Cobwebs  
  1. Allen,FL
 Only Yesterday  
  1. Bromfield,L
 Night In Bombay  
  1. Hilton,J
 Was It Murder  
  1. Fast,H
 Citizen Tom Payne  
  1. Buchan,J
 The Three Hostages  
  1. Fowler,G
 The Great Mouthpiece  
  1. Hope,A
 The Prisoner Of Zenda  
  1. Allan,F
 First Come First Kill  
  1. Kober,A
 My Dear Bella  
  1. Dawson,P
 Trail Boss  
  1. Addams,C
 Drawn And Quartered  
  1. Avery,AA
 Anything For A Quiet Life  
  1. Woolcon,A
 Long, Long Ago  
  1. Forester,CS
 The Captain From Connecticut  
  1. Westcott,EN
 David Harum  
  1. Ford,L
 Road To Folly  
  1. Yeats, Brown,F
The Lives Of A Bengal Lancer  
  1. Stone,GZ
 The Cold Journey  
  1. Hersey,J
 A Bell For Adano  
  1. Eberhart,MG
 Escape The Night  
  1. James,W
 Home Ranch  
  1. Bulosan,C
 The Laughter Of My Father  
  1. Crane,F
 The Amethyst Spectacles  
  1. Gruber,F
 The Buffalo Box  
  1. Gilbert,A
 Death In The Blackout  
  1. Homes,G
 No Hands On The Clock  
  1. Daly,E
 Nothing Can Rescue Me  
  1. Massie,C
 The Love Letters  
  1. Train,A
 Tutt And Mr Tutt  
  1. Knibbs,HH
 The Tonto Kid  
  1. Cerf,B
 Anything For A Laugh  
  1. Kipling,R
 Captains Courageous  
  1. Seton,ET
 Wild Animals I Have Known  
  1. Dine,SSV
 The Kennel Murder Case  
 The Bantam Concise Dictionary  
  1. Collins,M
 Dead Center  
  1. Hudson,WH
 Green Mansions  
  1. Jenkins,E
  1. Douglas,N
 South Wind  
  1. Hope,E
 She Loves Me Not  
  1. Tully,J
 The Bruiser  
  1. Field,P
 Guns From Powder Valley  
  1. Westcott,G
 The Grandmothers  
  1. Powell,R
 Lay That Pistol Down  
  1. Buchan,J
 Mountain Meadow  
  1. Wallis,RS
 No Bones About It  
  1. Grey,Z
 The Last Of The Plainsmen  
  1. Evans,J
 Halo In Blood  
  1. Steinbeck,J
 Cannery Row  
  1. Coles,M
 Drink To Yesterday  
  1. Cunningham,E
 Pistol Passport  
  1. Daly,E
 Deadly Nightshade  
  1. Smith,B
 A Tree Grows In Brooklyn  
  1. Ford,L
 False To Any Man  
  1. Young,E
 Puzzles, Quizzes And Games  
  1. Short,L
 Ride The Man Down  
  1. Maudlin,B
 Up Front  
  1. Marshall,B
 The World, The Flesh And Father Smith  
  1. Gilbert,A
 Death At The Door  
  1. Bosworth,AR
 Border Roundup  
  1. Westcott,G
 Appartment In Athens  
  1. Foster,B
 Trigger Kid  
  1. Homes,G
 Finders Keepers  
  1. Macardle,D
 The Uninvited  
  1. Disney,DC
 The 17th Letter  
  1. Thurber,J
 My Life And Hard Times  
  1. Fearing,K
 Dagger Of The Mind  
  1. Dawson,P
 The Crimson Horseshoe  
  1. Spinelli,M
 Assignment Without Glory  
  1. Dine,SSV
 The Scarab Murder Case  
  1. Bell,V
 Swamp Water  
  1. Carleton,M
 Cry Wolf  
  1. Coolidge,D
 Commanche Chaser  
  1. Lindsay,N
 The Cautious Amorist